The Duration of the Earth’s History

The duration of the earth’s history has been divided into smaller spans called the eras. The five eras are

  1. Archeozoic era ‘Pre-Cambrian period’
  2. Proterozoic era
  3. paleozoic era
  4. Mesozoic era ‘age of reptiles’
  5. Cenozoic era ‘age of the mammals’
  • First mammal appeared 200 million ago in Triassic period.
  • The Indian desert also known as Marusthali is believed to be under the sea during Mesozoic Era.
  • The Tethys Ocean (Himalaya) was an ocean during Mesozoic Era.
  • The angiosperms were developed in Coenozoic era.

List of archaeological periods

  • Palaeolithic 1,000,000 BC to 10,000 BC – Ostrich egg
  • Mesolithic 10,000 BC to 4,000 BC – microliths
  • Neolithic 4,000 BC to 2,200 BC
  • Bronze Age 2,600 BC to 700 BC
  • Iron Age 800 BC to AD 43 AD

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