Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak “Father of the Indian Freedom Struggle”

Early Life and Education

Keshav Gangadhar Tilak was born in 1956 Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. He was one third of the¬†Lal Bal Pal triumvirate. Mahatma Gandhi called him “The Maker of Modern India” and People gives him title of “Lokmanya” (accepted by the people as their leader).

  • He did Bachelor of Arts in first class in Mathematics from Deccan College of Pune in 1877. (left MA to join LLB)
  • in 1879 he obtained his LLB degree from Government Law College, Mumbai.
  • After graduation, Tilak started teaching mathematics at a private school in Pune. (later became a journalist)

He co-founded the New English school in 1880 with a few of his college friends, aim to improve the quality of education for India’s youth. Later, they set up the Deccan Education Society in 1884 to create a new system of education and emphasis on Indian culture, This¬†Society established the Fergusson College in 1885.

Freedom Movement

Tilak was considered a radical Nationalist at one stage in his political life he was called “the father of Indian unrest” by British author Sir Valentine Chirol.

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